Location Recording

Location Recording Shetland

Many artists love recording but struggle to capture the same energy and feel in a recording studio environment. With a full multi-track mobile recording rig, a location recording studio can come to you! Your favourite building, rehearsal space, front room, bedroom or gig venue can become the studio for your next recording. With high quality microphone selection and over 10 years location recording experience, Alex is known for capturing the performance and recreating the live experience on recording.

Mixing & Mastering

Once your music has been recorded it can be mixed and mastered in the highest quality.  This service is provided in association with Swanfield Studios in Edinburgh to provide the best possible results for your project.

Previous location recording projects include live gigs, bespoke project studio setups, festivals and informal location setups.  This is a highly specialised service and the only one of it’s kind in Shetland.  If you are looking to record your music, get in touch to find out more.

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Previous projects include:

  • The Dewarists featuring Carl Barat
  • The Blueswater Live at the Fringe 2011-2014
  • The Tin Cans at Central Hall, Edinburgh
  • Jackson Hall ‘Lost Love Songs 1&2’ (Piano & String Quartet)
  • Kelburn Garden Party 2013-2014
  • Decagram 10 band Collaboration at The Queens Hall, Edinburgh

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